Top tips to help your pub make an impact online and reach the 57m internet users in the UK alone

Our campaign was conceived following some exclusive research, as part of which we surveyed hundreds of licensees and 1,000 consumers.

We found that a staggering 98% of internet users have searched online to find information about a pub.

Yet, it is estimated that just under half of UK pubs and bars do not have a website.

If used properly, the internet offers a huge opportunity to boost your business but it can be a confusing place to operate. That's why we'll be bringing you a wealth of expert advice, support, tips and tools both in the magazine and on our the website.

Get your pub online today.


This month we are looking at the fact that 89 per cent of people in the UK who use the internet. This is a huge opportunity for your business, so how can you make an impact online?

Here's our top tips:

Use the same profile pic: It's important to be easily recognised online, so be consistent across your social media platforms. Doubly important if your pub has a common name

Check your grammar: Try to avoid "text speak" and ensure your message is well structured and easy to understand 

Use good pictures: Are the images you're posting onlin how you want your business to be seen?

Don't just focus on Facebook: Instagram, Pinterest and SnapChat are all making inroads into the dominance of Facebook and Twitter. Consider your market and choose the platform that's best for you

Plan your timing: 1pm or 3pm to 5pm are good times to post for pubs

Do not Swear! It might seem prudish but it's amazing how often swearing happens and the negative effect it has on potential customers can rarely be recovered