Pubs can't afford to ignore the techy world of the internet and beyond

One of the things I appreciate most about pubs is that they provide a break from a modern world filled with computer screens, technology, soundbites and hashtags.

Eyes that have become square from staring blankly at a laptop can return to normal as I relax with others who want to eat, drink and be merry in a face-to-face environment.

Yet affording that release does not mean that pubs can ignore the techy world of the internet and beyond.

80 per cent of new customers check you out online 

With 80 per cent of new customers checking you out online before they even visit you, pubs can't afford not to be in that space. This month we are launching our #pubsgetonline campaign to help you with what can appear to be a daunting — yet increasingly vital — part of your business.

It's not all about Twitter and Facebook

And it is not all just about Twitter and Facebook. Over the coming months we will examine areas such as your own website, social media, making the most of photography and search engine optimisation.

The aim of the campaign is to get you started on your online journey or, if you have already started, to help you along the way.