To mark the launch of our #pubsgetonline campaign @inapub and editor @mattheweley took to Twitter to ask 'what benefits does social media bring to pubs?' Here are what a few of our followers had to say during the Twitterstorm.


Matt Eley @mattheweley: Does Twitter really bring in business or is it just a way to pass the time of day?

 Dave Bailey @HardKnottDave: I think it used to help, but now it's past its best.


Inapub @inapub: What's replaced it, do you think?

Dave Bailey @HardKnottDave: I'm not sure what might have replaced it. Ultimately social media is only a small tool in one's publicity kit.

The Queen Adelaide @theadelaide: Helps build relationships...Like most marketing it's difficult to measure effectiveness, but it's FREE!

The Northern @The_Northern1: I think every little bit helps.

Drapers Arms @DrapersArms: It lets people understand what you are about & what your values are. Beyond that it's just fun.

Ben @BeeryBen: Twitter brings in people if you stock interesting beers. Also links pubs and brewers in a public forum.


Matt Eley @mattheweley: When is the best time to tweet?

The Northern ‏@The_Northern1: as many times as possible i.e. it's gonna be a great night. It is a great night . It was a great night

Dave Bailey ‏@HardKnottDave: I agree that keeping flow around an event is good. pre, during and post. Also needs to be interesting...I think timing might be less important than quality of content. (I often fear I have this wrong)

Altrincham HQ ‏@altrinchamhq: pubs need to look what Restaurants are doing in terms of Social - restaurants a lot more engaging 

The Northern ‏@The_Northern1: pictures are a good thing


Matt Eley @mattheweley: Are photos important to driving engagement?

 Royal Ship Hotel @RoyalShipLL40: I'm duty manager, tough to create blogs or Facebook during service but a tweet of a dish or event pic takes only seconds.


Matt Eley @mattheweley: But isn't it tricky to get food photos that look good enough to eat? Or maybe I'm just crap at photography...

Royal Ship Hotel @RoyalShipLL40: Not great but lets people know
what we do :)


Royal Ship Hotel @RoyalShipLL40: I admit I am not a great photog. But take plenty and you'll get a few good ones :).

Ring O' Bells @RingerHinton: The staff & I take the majority of our food pics!


Robyn Black @MrsRobynBlack: Well now I'm freakin' starving.


Matt Eley @mattheweley: Can social media beat word of mouth?

Celebrate 150 years @RoyalPier: Nope. Word of mouth will always be the most effective form of marketing.

One From Me @onefromme: Word of mouth is amplified by social media.

Ed Davies @AleTedUK: Twitter's great for raising awareness far & wide, WOM for closer to home.

Altrincham HQ @altrinchamhq: Social media and word of mouth are the same thing — it's just online instead of in person.


Matt Eley @mattheweley: Is the world a better place with social media?

Ed Davies @AleTedUK: From a personal perspective yes. I wouldn't have met as many great licensees / found so many great pubs without Twitter.

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