Instagram is one of the fastest growing social platform for brands at the moment and more and more pubs are getting involved.

Connect Instagram to your Facebook page

Owned by Facebook and with over 300 million active users, Instagram is now bigger than Twitter as a social platform, but its early weakness for brands was that, while you could readily share your images to Twitter, FourSquare and Tumblr, on Facebook you could only post to a personal profile.

This is no longer the case so, if you’re already using Instagram for your pub but having to manually post the images to your page, login to your settings and change your connection to save yourself time in the future.

Pictures increase engagement and Instagram’s biggest value is that it turns even the most rubbish of us in to Fantastic Photographers so to get your Instagram pictures showing straight on your Facebook page, go to the profile page in your Instagram app by selecting this icon:

Then select the three button icon in the top right corner which will take you to the option to select Linked Accounts:

Now choose: Facebook


You will now get a set of options to choose where you want your Instagram posts to be shared to on Facebook. Note: You can only choose one.

Your Timeline is your default setting and choosing this means pictures will post to your personal Facebook profile rather than your business page; choose the page that you want Instagram to post to instead.


Now, you can post your Instagram images to your pub's Facebook Page quickly and easily.

Time To Get On Schedule

If you use the social management platform Hootsuite to manage and schedule posts to your Facebook and Twitter accounts, this week Hootsuite announced in a blog post that you can now connect Instagram to their service.

This addition to the Hootsuite platform means that finally you can schedule when an image should be shared to your Instagram platform, rather than waiting until the right time of day to post.

Why schedule? Engagement and Reach happen at different times of day for different types of business. For most pubs, the sweet spot in the week day is between 3pm and 5pm and on Sundays it's between 10am and 12pm.

You may not, however, be able to post at that time of day – so schedule a post to go out at the time most beneficial to you.

What better way to promote your Yorkshire Puddings than knowing an image of a great big pud is going up on to your Instagram, Facebook and Twitter accounts at 10:30 this Sunday, while you're able to focus on getting your business ready for a busy Sunday lunch shift?

One point to note when scheduling: remember that the other great value consumers place on engagement is response time; so much so that Facebook now monitors it and ranks your performance.

If somebody does comment or ask a question about your impending Sunday Lunch, they will want an answer so, while it's convenient to schedule posts, do ensure you keep an eye on your platforms to make sure you get back to your potential new customers as quickly as possible.