According to our own survey, of 1,000 consumers, some 80 per cent of new customers look for your website before visiting.

That means it is extremely important you have a website that's up to date and which reflects your business.

So what does your website say about you - and how can you improve it?

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This month we are looking at how to pimp your website to make sure it's a business boosting asset. Here's some top tips from  Inapub's very own Mark Daniels

Get in the Christmas spirit
Update your imagery and start to build that festive feeling

Set a goal
Add booking or sign-up for your email newsletter forms to tables; forms are quite simple to create, or you can use third-party services such as MailChimp

Update content
Search engines like active sites. The more times they see changes on your pages the higher they'll rank you in their results. Update events pages at least once a week and your menus each month

Remove old information
A site still promoting your Mother's Day offer isn't a good look for October

List your menu
Word docs and PDFs are an easy way to upload your menus, but search engines are blind to them. Creating your menu on your site helps search engines index you based on your food

Showcase your staff
Create an "about us" page. People choosing a pub over a restaurant are looking for that friendly atmosphere