Jillian Taylor of the Jubilee, Gosforth, Newcastle Upon Tyne, has been in the pub trade for 10 years but only took over the Jubilee, a sports bar and grill in Gosforth, a well-heeled area of, Newcastle Upon Tyne, in March. There was a lot of work to do to bring the pub up-to-date, not least to invest in its very first website.



Following an extensive refurbishment Jillian wanted a website that was completely up-to-date, so professional photos were taken to show off the new décor in the best possible light.

Having a menu on the website that could be updated as easily as possible was also a priority, as food is a growing concern for the business and Jillian believes that having a real menu on the site, rather than a sample one, gives potential new customers more confidence in a venue.




"With so many things to put into place with the refurbishment of a business, the thought of setting up a website was worrying," admits Judith.

"However, the service (from Inapub) was amazing, the site itself is very easy to use and social media is now a breeze, as everything gets updated automatically via SocialConnect.

"A website is an extension of the pub and is often the first aspect that people see, so it's vital that it looks good and is totally up-to-the-minute," she says.