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Caledonian Brewery

A brewery in Edinburgh.

42 Slateford Road, Edinburgh, Midlothian, EH11 1PH
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0131 337 1286

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Facilities include:

Mon - Sun: 11:00 - 23:00

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Auld Lang Syne 4.5

Fill your cup of kindness with this warming dark amber ale. Lightly spiced aromas and rich malt flavours are delightfully brought together with a full-bodied finish.

Tasting Notes: Deliciously drinkable, it’ll sweep you away with the usual Caledonian hop flourish. You’ll be treated to buttery sultana aromas and a touch of orange zest. The flavour is just as rich but gently hopped with a distinctively herbal, almost rosemary finish.

Autumn Red 4.4

This beer evokes the russet red of autumn leaves and the smoky scent of bonfires. The fresh, spiced aroma of the Hersbrucker hop is beautifully complemented by sweet caramel from the crystal rye malt of this distinctive beer.

Tasting Notes: The Hersbrucker hops provide a light hop fragrance and fresh spice. Hints of dry liquorice and toffee flavours from the crystal rye malt and soft mellow fruitfulness add to its warming finish.

Bitter Winter 4.8

Pale amber in colour. Light caramel malt aroma with a touch of fruit. Bitter sweet with malt character flavours. Medium bodied with more bitterness than malt in the finish.

Tasting Notes: 

Caledoinian Three Hop 4.5

Inspired by the famous brewing regions of Europe, we’ve married hops from Germany, France and Czechia with our East Coast Maritime malt. The result. A deliciously distinctive beer as memorable as the city it hails from.

Tasting Notes: Solid gold in colour with spicy, herbal aromas, and a light malt body that is complemented by the honey and mint flavours. These earthy notes are accentuated by Three Hop’s lingering lemon finish.

Caledonian 80/- 4.1

Russet-brown best bitter with a malty fruit aroma and a good balance of dryness.

Tasting Notes: Malty, fruit

Caledonian Golden XPA 4.3

This style has really come to the fore in recent years within the booming category of Golden Ale. This ale is light to golden in colour, with a medium bitterness beautifully balanced by a biscuit-like sweetness.

Tasting Notes: With the floral aromas of Cascade hops and Hallertau Hersbrucker hops adding soft fruit notes, this is a pale ale opportunity not to pass up. Northdown hops provide a light bitterness while the malted wheat creates a refreshingly silky finish.

Caledonian Three Hop 4.5

A rich, solid gold beer, with spicy herbal aromas and flavours; crisp and refreshing with a lingering lemon finish.

Tasting Notes: 

Cerveza Fort Oatmeal Porter 5.5

A black beer with aromas of coffee, cocoa and spice leading to initial roasted notes in the flavour, balanced by an emerging hop character, resulting in subtle sweetness and refreshing finish.

Tasting Notes: Coffee, roasted, chocolate, spice

Charmed Circle 4.4

This golden ale has citrus and tart flavours combined with a light biscuit malt and spicy hop notes, resulting in a pleasing zesty finish.

Tasting Notes: Citrus, spicy, zesty

Coast to Coast 4.6

From the hot bed of the West Coast hop scene to the Eastern Shores, comes this pioneering American Style Pale Ale. Combining six hops from the Yakima Valley with their very own East Coast Maritime malt.

Tasting Notes: A polished bronze ale with piny, soft fruit and citrus aromas all with a hint of spice. The taste is hoppy, with luscious lime, passion fruit and some kiwi-fruit notes. With a smooth, rounded and bitter yet tantalisingly zesty finish.

Cold Comfort 4.5

This mahogany-coloured beer has a creamy head and malty aroma, with malt and caramel flavours complemented by a pleasing hop tang and vanilla notes in the finish.

Tasting Notes: 

Deuchars Imperial 5.5

This pale golden beer has been brewed to celebrate 25 years of the iconic Deuchars IPA.

Tasting Notes: The complex aroma of floral, spicy, earthy and honey notes leads to robust bitter flavours, balanced by hints of honey and a profound, lasting finish.

Deuchars IPA 3.8

Distinctive and long on refreshment. Solid gold in colour, remarkably aromatic, hints of fresh citrus, distinctive light malt and fresh floral flavours, refreshing zesty citric hop, for a mouth-watering finish.

Tasting Notes: Distinctively radiant, deliciously refreshing, Deuchars is a fabulous balance of malt and hops. Discerning beer drinkers consider this to be the benchmark in quality cask beer and for those new to cask, it's the perfect introduction.

Dutchman 4.5


Tasting Notes: 

Edinburgh Castle 4.1

We shook hands and made the deal with Historic Scotland, allowing us to use the world-famous landmark and its name for our 80 Shilling Ale. Without doubt, this is an Edinburgh icon both inside and out.

Tasting Notes: Brewed with no less than five malts this russet brown classic has a malty caramel and fruity aroma and a superb creamy head. Its complex bittersweet and satisfying malt flavours deliver a soft hoppy finish that’s dry and spicy.

Elf Yourself 4.0

The elves have been hard at work brewing this glowing ruby ale. With its fruity aroma, Christmas pudding flavour and spicy finish, it’s a miracle they don’t keep it all for themselves.

Tasting Notes: A polished ruby ale with fruity aroma, they used Pilgrim hops for their lemon and grapefruit notes. As a bittering hop it provides a refreshing, full-bodied and rounded bitterness, with flavours of berries and pears.

First Dawn 3.7

Welcome in spring and the new adventures it holds with this fresh, zesty brew. A golden pale ale with a spicy dark fruit aroma and citrus finish.

Tasting Notes: They brought together two definitive American hops for their citrus and pine qualities. Chinook and Summit hops enhance this pale malt with grapefruit and mango undertones, adding spicy aromas and a dark soft fruit flavour.

Flink 4.7

It is golden in colour, with a moderate bitterness and medium-bodied character, leading to a crisp, fruity finish.

Tasting Notes: Bitter, crisp, fruity

Flying Dutchman 4.5

This light pale bitter has a refreshing character, enhanced by the addition of coriander and orange peel, adding a spicy bite.

Tasting Notes: The lightness of the body and bitter hop flavour is perfectly offset by the smoothness of the malt and sweetness from the inclusion of liquorice, making this the most refreshing of beer styles.

Flying Scotsman 4.0

A full flavoured Premium Bitter style beer with a malty aroma and hints of raisin and toasty dryness. Brewed with the finest northern barley and southern hops.

Tasting Notes: Malty, raisin

Golden Promise 4.4

A rich golden colour, full of spicy aromas with dusty cinnamon and vanilla. A clean, dry crisp start, which is lively and quenching and a noticeable ’sherbet lemon’ finish.

Tasting Notes: Spicy, vanilla, cinnamon, lemon

Kick Off 4.1

Forget 4-4-2 because with this pale bronze ale and its light herbal hops, spicy fruit aroma and creamy caramel finish, we have the perfect formation. It’s a beautiful pint for the beautiful game.

Tasting Notes: Delicately hopped to pass the Gaffer’s toughest tests, it brilliantly balances fruit aromas with a finishing touch of classy caramel.

Over the Bar 4.2

A post-match refreshment whose name owes more to its location than, say, a badly taken penalty. Prepare to have your taste buds converted.

Tasting Notes: A polished copper ale with an aromatically hopped, bittersweet balance. This pint is the perfect selection for match day.

Port of Leith IPA 5.0

A copper coloured ale brewed in the style of a traditional IPA, with a powerful hop aroma continuing into the flavour, balanced by caramel and malt flavours, before resulting in a bold malt and bitter hop aroma.

Tasting Notes: Hops: Amarillo, Aurora, Citra, Styrian Goldings

Rare Red 4.3

Inspired by the brewing heartlands of Bavaria this long forgotten beer style has been reinvigorated in this pilot brewery. Balancing three types of roasted rye with a mysterious hoppy finish, the result is a ruby red gem of an ale.

Tasting Notes: The combination of Rye grains produces a dry spicy finish. Chinook hops with their pine and citrus fruit flavours combine with the dark fruit elements from the rare Bullion hop. While spicy blackcurrant notes make this regular red ale anything but.

Road to Rio 4.0

A golden ale with soft citrus aromas and a soft malt finish. Perfectly timed to celebrate August’s Brazilian carnival. A place on the podium is assured with this pint.

Tasting Notes: What better way to celebrate the Olympic games than with Hops from all over the world? Fuggles from England compete with Topaz from Australia and Rakau from New Zealand. Citric soft fruit aromas lead from the front followed by a lemon and soft malt finish.

Rose & Crown Ale 4.1

Brewed with no less than five malts this russet brown classic has a malty caramel and fruity aroma and a superb creamy head. Its complex bittersweet and satisfying malt flavours deliver a soft hoppy finish that’s dry and spicy.

Tasting Notes: Since the 1880s beer brewed in Scotland had been categorised by the shilling wholesale price per hogshead. The shilling system is one of Scotland’s contributions to brewing history.

Strange Fellows Talisman 4.0

A light golden beer with aromas of citrus and tropical fruits leading to an assertive hop flavour, with an underlying malt balance, plus a crisp, lasting finish.

Tasting Notes: 

Sunseekers 4.0

Deliciously refreshing, golden ale with citric hop aroma, tastes of malt, biscuit and lemon with a long bittersweet finish. Seek, sip and savour!

Tasting Notes: 

Trick or Treat 4.5

A glowing orange ale with pumpkin pie spices that promises terrifyingly tasty flavours of cinnamon and nutmeg and a creamy biscuit malt finish.

Tasting Notes: Trick or Treat is also big on seasonal spices like ground ginger, nutmeg, cloves, cinnamon. Mainly a malty brew, it has a little bitterness, with initial spice flavours and a strong aroma.

Trojan Horse 5.5

Black in colour, this beer's floral and herbal aroma leads to a superb balance of bittersweet dark malts and citrus hop characteristics.

Tasting Notes: Floral, herbal, bittersweet

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