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JW Lees

A brewery in Manchester.

Greengate Brewery, Middleton Junction, Manchester, Greater Manchester, M24 2AX
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0161 643 2487



Facilities include: Real Ale, CAMRA, We're award winners, Shop,

Mon - Sun: 11:00 - 23:00

Drink %
Black Cab 0.0
Delta WIng 4.0

Jump on board and go supersonic. Flying in this New Year, Delta Wing will delight your taste buds and send you soaring to first class with a boom of its own.

Tasting Notes: 

J W Lees British Autumn Ale 4.1

This chestnut-coloured beer uses only British malt and hop varieties.

Tasting Notes: Resulting in a full-bodied beer with a good balance of flavours.

J W Lees British Jewels 4.1

Raise a glass and cheer on Team GB with a pint of British Jewels. This name comes from an anagram of JW Lees.

Tasting Notes: Brewed with a blend of Liberty and Mount Hood hops, for a fruity, hoppy flavour with malty characteristics and a golden colour.

J W Lees Carlsberg 3.8

We've signed a unique deal with Carlsberg to brew their lager to sell within JW Lees. We appreciate brands are important for the lager drinker, so this is our branded offering.

Tasting Notes: This famous golden lager has a light and refreshing taste, making it easy to drink.

J W Lees Coronation St. Premium Ale 4.2

Smooth, full bodied and full of twists and turns as in each episode of the UK''s original soap. This is a beer made in Manchester, brewed with Northern Soul mixed in with the finest Northdown and Golding hops.

Tasting Notes: This crisp, moreish premium ale has a rich, auburn glow about it. With its hoppy, malty smell, you can appreciate the ingredients used to make it.

J W Lees Dark Smooth 3.5

A dark, mahogany coloured beer topped with a thick, creamy head.

Tasting Notes: A dark, mahogany coloured beer topped with a thick, creamy head. It has a smooth, roasted aroma accompanied by a soft, sweet chocolate taste. Unusual yet intriguing...

J W Lees Diamond Jubilee 4.2

Following on from the success of JW Lees Middleton''s ale, to celebrate Wil and Kate''''s big day, we''re proud to introduce this beer in honour of Her Royal Highness Queen Elizabeth II celebrating 60 years on the throne (05.06.12). May & June of 2012 onl

Tasting Notes: An auburn and chestnut colour with ahoppy and malty smell. The taste refreshing, crisp and moreish.

J W Lees Extra Smooth 3.9

A rich auburn coloured beer with a creamy head. Its distinguished grapefruit and zesty aroma and clean, dry taste make this a memorable drink.

Tasting Notes: A rich auburn coloured beer with a creamy head. Its distinguished grapefruit and zesty aroma and clean, dry taste make this a memorable drink. All combined together for a distinctly moreish beer.

J W Lees Game On 4.2

No matter what your sport is, this cask ale is perfect for any sporting event. Ideal for when you''re showing sporting fixtures or just want to celebrate the end of the season, this robust beer is a guaranteed crowd-pleaser.

Tasting Notes: Aburn and chestnut colouring with a hoppy and malty smell. The taste being refreshing, crisp and moreish.

J W Lees Golden Lite 2.8

A full flavoured lager offering excellent value for money. A wonderfully refreshing beer, that cane enjoyed in all seasons.

Tasting Notes: A clean, light coloured lager, made all the more attractive with an enticing hoppy aroma.

J W Lees Golden Original 4.0

This is our value-for-money lager offering.

Tasting Notes: A clean, light coloured lager, made all the more attractive with an enticing hoppy aroma. Combining together to give a wonderfully refreshing beer, that can be enhoyed in all seasons.

J W Lees Greengate 3.2

Named after the JW Lees Brewery in Manchester, we''re so proud of this beer, we put our brewery name to it!

Tasting Notes: An amber coloured beer, with a zesty and hoppy aroma. The clean, dry taste makes it an ideal thirst quencher.

J W Lees Greengate Lite 2.8

A fulol flavoured smooth beer, offering excellent value for money. Named after the JW Lees Brewery in Manchester, we''''re so proud of this beer, we put our name to it.

Tasting Notes: With it''s amber colour, it has a zesty and hoppy aroma. The clean, dry taste makes it an ideal thirst quencher.

J W Lees Harvest Ale 11.5

The limited edition vintage barleywine is made but once a year. It's brewed with the first hops to be harvested and then they add the very finest British malt.

Tasting Notes: Each vintage brings different flavours, which then evolve as they age, so it's no wonder it's gained a cult following among ale enthusiasts. Pop the date on your calendar.

J W Lees John Willie's 4.5

Named after Mr JW Lees himself, this lightly coloured, robust beer drinks is made from ale and crystal malt, northdown and golding hops. It is a well balanced, full bodied beer.

Tasting Notes: The auburn and chestnut coloured beer drinks smoothly and has a nutty finish. With citrus and malty smells it has a clean, crisp, and moreish taste.

J W Lees Moonraker 6.5

Brewed by JW Lees for over 50 years. It’s a firm favorite with beer connoisseurs all over the world and is a past winner of CAMRA's Champion Winter Beer of Britain. Also used as a key ingredient in national award winning pies.

Tasting Notes: This delicious rich, dark ale has been lovingly brewed to the original recipe. The ebony coloured beer has a fruity, liquorice and roasted taste.

J W Lees Scorcher 4.2

A light, golden thirst quenching beer with a tantalising, fruity aroma and refreshing hop finish. Pure sunshine in a glass.

Tasting Notes: 

J W Lees Supernova 3.5

The name for this cask ale was inspired by the legendary Oasis song. It''''s perfect for any celebrations and parties that you may have or maybe you just want it for its Manchester spirit.

Tasting Notes: This dark cask ale has undertones of liquorice and chocolate, with a rich, fruity taste.

J W Lees The Governor 3.8

An all-malt British beer created by Marco Pierre White and JW Lees Brewery, named after Marco's family greyhound that his father rescued who went on to win 28 out of 32 races that he started on flapping tracking in Northern England.

Tasting Notes: The amber and auburn coloured beer has floral, malty and citrus smells with a clean, dry and moreish taste.

Jumbo 3.9

Back by popular demand, this triumphant ruby ale is perfect to warm your cockles as the cold nights set in.

Tasting Notes: Originally brewed back in the 1800’s, Jumbo Star has long a customer favourite. Staying true to our roots, Jumbo is named after an area of Middleton Junction deep rooted with history, just like JW Lees.

JW Lees Bitter 4.0

Our most popular & famous beer. It's an all-malt brew made from ale and crystal malt.

Tasting Notes: Amber, auburn, grapefruit, zesty, clean, dry and moreish

JW Lees Bohemia Regent 5.0

This is a genuine imported lager from the Trebon Brewery in the Czech Republic. A new premium draught lager for the UK, launched in Summer 2007.

Tasting Notes: A premium beer with a hoppy taste and medium bitterness that gives this beer good drinkability and makes it very popular from the very first taste

JW Lees Dark 3.5

This dark-coloured beer is smooth, well-rounded and light to drink. Always a favourite with cask ale fanatics! It won a CAMRA gold award.

Tasting Notes: A mahogany colour, roasted, creamy, smooth smell and a sweet, soft, chocolate taste with enticingly sweet undertones of liquorice and a full malty aftertaste.

JW Lees Dragon's Fire 4.0

A perfect beer when celebrating any patriotic events. This all-malt cask cale is guaranteed to put some fire in your belly, and make you proud to celebrate all things British!

Tasting Notes: This amber and auburn beer with a citrus aftertaste has hints of grapefruit and other zesty smells along with a clean, dry and moreish taste.

JW Lees Founder's 4.5

Breweries often used to hold back their extra special bitter for the Directors or Chairman, but they think everyone should enjoy the very best.

Tasting Notes: Named in honour of John Lees, it's a colourful, well-balanced and full-bodied premium bitter, with a nutty finish. The recipe makes use of ale and crystal malt, and Pilgrim and Golding hops. The result is a beer with nothing held back, fit for the good man himself.

JW Lees Gold Ale 4.5

Manchester helped drive the Industrial Revolution and shape the modern world. That spirit of innovation, enterprise and collaboration was given a symbol – the worker bee. We’ve celebrated the plucky bee, and the wisdom and effort of our citizens, by creating a golden-coloured beer with a creamy head and a big heart.

Tasting Notes: 

JW Lees Stout 4.2

JW Lees Stout is a dark and brooding ale that takes its inspiration - and its main ingredient - from those same northern skies. Made with pride using the finest northern water.

Tasting Notes: 

Manchester Pale Ale 3.7

The Real Refreshing Alternative. MPA is a golden ale made from all British Malt, Liberty and Mount Hood hops. It’s brewed especially for bottles to capture the full, hoppy character of our cask beer - it’s the perfect alternative to draught MPA.

Tasting Notes: Malty, Fruity

Manchester Star 7.3

They uncovered the Manchester Star recipe in a hundred-year-old brewer's notebook when collaborating with Garrett Oliver from Brooklyn Brewery. First conceived in 1884, it's a grand example of the forefathers' craft - a dark ale.

Tasting Notes: With chocolate, malty overtones and a warming finish thanks to plenty of chocolate malt, Golding hops and 100% British ale malt. They suspect they'll still be making it in another hundred.

Plum Pudding 4.8

This mahogany-coloured beer is brewed with pale and crystal malts and the finest hops, creating a flavour brimming with fruit character and balanced by a subtle underlying maltiness.

Tasting Notes: Brewed with pale ale malt, Styrian Goldings hops and a hint of ripe fruit. A rich dark beer full of Christmas pudding fruitiness.

The Hoptimist 4.4

At JW Lees, we like people who think that the glass is always half full, who think that the sun will shine throughout spring and summer and, who like us, hope that every pub they walk into will serve a cracking pint of JW Lees ale.

Tasting Notes: Citrus and Melon

Weaver's Shuttle 4.1

Autumn brings you Weavers Shuttle, ready to fuel a taste revolution. This moreish amber ale pays homage to the mill workers of the North West, including our founder John Lees.

Tasting Notes: This beer has fruity tangerine notes in the aroma and a crisp, fruity bitterness in the flavour, resulting in a full-bodied and moreish character.

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