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Murphy's Roadhouse

A child and dog friendly pub serving food with Sky TV and WiFi and a garden in Paignton.

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Murphy's Roadhouse is run by a friendly and experienced team, whether you are looking for a nice family meal or to enjoy one of our regular weekend events, you're bound to have a great time.

18 Esplanade Road, Paignton, Devon, TQ4 6BD
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01803 522456


Facilities include: WiFi (free), Outside Seating, Garden, Multiple Screens, Big Screen, Sky Sports, Bar Snacks, Carvery, Sunday Roast, Traditional, Grill , Breakfast , Weddings, More than 100, For hire, Fruit Machines, Pool Table, Live Music, Karaoke, Sea, BII, Guinness Quality Accredited, Serving food during World Cup matches, Dogs allowed inside, Water bowl provided, Dogs Allowed, Beer, Wine , Cider, Tea & Coffee, Real Ale, Baby Friendly, Child Friendly

Mon - Sun: 11:00 - 23:00

Drink % Brewery
Bays Topsail 4.0% Bays Brewery Ltd
Carling 4.0% Carling

Carling has been Britain’s best selling lager for more than three decades. It is brewed to have the perfect balance of sweetness & bitterness ensuring it is as brilliantly refreshing from the first sip to the last.

Tasting Notes: Carling has been skilfully brewed using lightly kilned British malts, aromatic hops and Carling''s unique yeast to create a malty, sweet flavour, balanced with a hoppy ''clean flavoured'' bitterness and the aroma of freshly harvested grain.

Carlsberg 3.8% Carlsberg UK Ltd

Carlsberg is light, easy drinking and refreshing. The all malt recipe and Carlsberg yeast strain gives a balance between body and depth of flavour, making Carlsberg the ideal choice for any occasion.

Tasting Notes: Carlsberg is a Pilsner style lager originating from Copenhagen, Denmark. Carlsberg is light, easy drinking and refreshing. The all malt recipe and Carlsberg yeaststrain gives the balance between body and depth of flavourand a clean refreshing palate.

Grolsch 5.0% Molson Coors
Guinness Original 4.2% Guinness

Swirling clouds tumble as the storm begins to calm.

Tasting Notes: Unmistakeably GUINNESS®, from the first velvet sip to the last, lingering drop. And every deep-dark satisfying mouthful in between.

San Miguel 5.0% Carlsberg UK Ltd

The unique recipe and San Miguel yeast then come together to deliver a refreshing, full bodied beer with a great taste. San Miguel is a pilsner style lager, Inspired by the Spanish way of life.

Tasting Notes: San Miguel has a hoppy, citrus, fresh bitter / citrus hoppy–sweet/fruity taste.

Thatchers Traditional Draught Cider 6% Thatchers Cider

Tasting Notes: Based on an original 1904 recipe, Thatchers Traditional is a hazy, unfiltered and un-carbonated cider, but has a natural, subtle sparkle. Specially produced from a blend of bittersweet apples, it has a mellow and smooth taste that will appeal to those who enjoy real Somerset cider at its very best.

Tribute 4.2% St Austell Brewery
Worthington 3.6% Coors Brewers Ltd

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The Bowie Experience

Event starts at 22/05/2015 21:30:00

Vinyl Avengers

Event starts at 23/05/2015 21:30:00

Snow Blind Presents Black Sabbeth

Event starts at 29/05/2015 21:30:00

Special Brew

Event starts at 30/05/2015 21:30:00


Event starts at 05/06/2015 21:30:00

Abba Tribute

Event starts at 06/06/2015 21:30:00

ZZ Tops

Event starts at 12/06/2015 21:30:00


Event starts at 19/06/2015 21:30:00

The Usual Suspects

Event starts at 20/06/2015 21:30:00

Elecric 80s

Event starts at 26/06/2015 21:30:00

The Bootleg Bee Gee`s

Event starts at 27/06/2015 21:30:00

The Mersey Legends

Event starts at 03/07/2015 21:30:00

Solid Gold

Event starts at 04/07/2015 21:30:00

Sham 69

Event starts at 10/07/2015 10:00:00

Meetloaf & Cher

Event starts at 11/07/2015 21:30:00


Event starts at 17/07/2015 21:30:00

Rolling Clones

Event starts at 18/07/2015 21:30:00

Dizzy Lizzy

Event starts at 24/07/2015 21:30:00

Blues Power

Event starts at 31/07/2015 21:30:00

Vinyl Avengers

Event starts at 01/08/2015 21:30:00

Micheal Buble

Event starts at 07/08/2015 21:30:00


Event starts at 14/08/2015 21:30:00


Event starts at 15/08/2015 21:30:00

Take That Experience

Event starts at 21/08/2015 21:30:00

Take That Experience

Event starts at 21/08/2015 21:30:00

The Voice Tones

Event starts at 22/08/2015 21:30:00

Ultimate Drifters

Event starts at 22/08/2015 21:30:00

Fab Beatles

Event starts at 29/08/2015 21:30:00

The Bowie Experience

Event starts at 04/09/2015 21:30:00


Event starts at 05/09/2015 21:30:00

Whos Next

Event starts at 11/09/2015 21:30:00

The Drat Pack

Event starts at 12/09/2015 21:30:00

Midnight Blues Train

Event starts at 18/09/2015 21:30:00


Event starts at 19/09/2015 21:30:00

The Manhattens

Event starts at 25/09/2015 21:30:00

We serve the following food styles:

Bar Snacks, Carvery, Sunday Roast, Traditional, Grill, Breakfast

Downloadable Menus

murphys menu new.pdf

Join us for a great meal - food is served seven days a week, from 11am til 8.30pm

To see what's on the menu, simply click on the link below. (You may need Adobe Reader to view this file.)

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