Learn how to build
a successful online


Mastering social media marketing is easier than you think.

Success comes from building and engaging with your online community rather than trying to sell to them.

“The pub is
the original social network.”

Mark Daniels

How can Inapub’s social media training courses benefit you?

Inapub’s trainers are experienced social media specialists and licensees

Inapub’s training is designed exclusively for the pub trade

Inapub’s training programme has been designed for licensees, by licensees

Mandy Hampton, Thwaites Marketing Manager

“Our tenants really benefited from Inapub’s detailed knowledge of both digital marketing and the pub industry.
The course gave some really good advice on why, how and when to use social media, ensuring that tenants of varying levels were helped to understand the importance of this to their marketing strategy.”


Building your strategy

Understand how to plan and time your updates to maximise the reach to your audience.


Understanding its values and its risks.


Learn how to decipher the graphs and understand what your Facebook and Twitter reports are telling you.

Think outside the box

Exploit the demographic of your audience – Facebook isn’t the only social channel.


Be proactive

How to look for new customers online rather than waiting for them to come to you.


Stop Selling – Start Trending

Increase engagement and reach with your audience by changing your marketing strategy.

Social auditing

Do you know where your customers can find you online? Are you in charge of that data?

Find out more

Inapub’s training courses can be held in either one-on-one environments or in group sessions, designed to help every attendee make the most of their day.

To find out more, contact Inapub on admin@inapub.co.uk or call 0845 230 1986.