about inapub

Founded in 2009, Inapub’s mission has always been to provide licensees with digital tools and assistance to promote their pubs online.

Our unique array of digital tools, designed by award-winning licensees, include websites, complete with hosting and features designed with you in mind. SocialConnect makes life much easier for the licensees, allowing them to update all their digital channels at once with news and events. Other tools include dedicated photoshoot by professional photographer to showcase your venue, variety of plug-ins.

The team is committed to supporting pubs of all shapes and sizes with their digital needs. Our experienced staff truly understand the value of your presence online and the value of your social media. That’s why all our services connect directly to your Facebook, Twitter and website accounts to improve your digital marketing and save you time in the process.

Inapub’s magazine is delivered to over 30,000 pubs across the UK each month, providing readers with news on the industry, advice and ideas on how to run their pub and is complemented by our dedicated news website. Features include interviews with celebrities and popular blogs from leading members of the pub industry. A dedicated news website features interviews, articles and popular blogs from members of the industry who are leaders in their field.

With the UK’s largest and most comprehensive database of pubs, the Inapub website lists over 50,000 pubs and helps them showcase their beers, food, photography, events and televised sport as well as a detailed list of all their facilities.

We regularly improve and update our products and the team is always looking for new ways to enhance the services we offer our customers; our door is always open to new ideas and requests so please do feel free to contact us!

All the best
The Inapub Team