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Black Sheep Brewery Plc

A child friendly brewery serving food with WiFi and a garden in Ripon.

Wellgarth, Crosshills, Ripon, West Yorkshire, HG4 4EN
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01765 689227



Facilities include: Real Ale, WiFi (free), Child Friendly, Disabled Access, Car Park, Restaurant, Live Music, Board Games, Garden, We're award winners,

Mon - Sun: 11:00 - 23:00

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54 North 4.5

At 4.5% ABV, 54° North is a Helles Lager brewed using German Pilsner Malt together with Magnum and Polaris hops, as well as the classic German aroma hop, Tettnang.

Tasting Notes: 54° North offers a balanced pint with a crisp bite and beautifully fresh aroma. Formulated by our creative brewing team and though predominantly German in style, 54° North uses a Black Sheep yeast strain and pure water from the Yorkshire Dales to give it a Black Sheep spin.

All Creatures 4.0

All Creatures is a bright, fresh Yorkshire Pale ale perfect for all occasions!

Tasting Notes: All Creatures in cask as a seasonal beer had such an outstanding response, we listened to you and bottled it! It's unique name celebrates the life of Alf Wight, creator of Yorkshire's most famous veterinary character James Herriot - a name synonymous across the world with the Yorkshire Dales and home of the Black Sheep Brewery.

Best Bitter 3.8

The original stalwart of the Black Sheep range. First brewed in 1992, Best Bitter is the iconic Yorkshire Bitter devised and created to offer beer with real flavour and bite. A different breed

Tasting Notes: Brewed with whole flower English hops, Best Bitter packs a genuine spiky bitterness with big character. Challenger, Goldings and Fuggle hops blend to create a beautiful aroma and flavour with kicks of grassy freshness and a big peppery punch. The Maris Otter malt offers a light sweetness that balances against those big bitter characters.

Bighorn 4.5

Bighorn is a full-flavoured Anglo-American IPA; a fantastic, full bodied pale Yorkshire beer.

Tasting Notes: Big Horn has a citrus twist which leads to a sharper, more complex taste; with hints of summer fruits and hoppy flavour provided by the blend of Challenger and Summit Hops.

Black Sheep IPA 5.1

This is an unapologetic brew, packing heaps of hop and bitterness. This India Pale Ale is true to the classic style, using a plethora of English hops including Progress and Goldings to pack it with a distinctly characterful flavour profile.

Tasting Notes: On the palate, IPA brings through a powerful bitterness from the English hops that drop a touch of pepper before a pleasant fruitiness. The malt characteristics invite a resinous, sweet note which blends perfectly with the hop to leave a perfectly balanced India Pale Ale.

Blitzen 4.0

This cheeky little festive number is made with cascade and goldings hops, orange and mixed peels. A real winter warmer, apart from good friends and family, Blitzen is the perfect companion to celebrate the holiday season.

Tasting Notes: Dark and light Muscovado sugar give richness and a mix of pale, Crystal and Pale Chocolate malt give a complex malty character along with a hint of citrus fruits from mixed peel. Chocolate notes with orange and mixed peel give this ruby coloured ale the distinct smell of Christmas.

Brian 3.9

An official beer of Monty Python, Brian is a beautifully balanced, crisp pale ale with a spiky hop bitterness and light malty base.

Tasting Notes: A crisp, bitterness with hoppy notes throughout. A light malty touch with a slight hint of zesty citrus.

Cascade Pale 4.1

As the name suggests, this Cascade Pale Ale has been brewed with heaps of Cascade hops. It's a modern session ale with bags of character, mostly from the fragrant and generous hops. It's easy drinking with a moderate bitterness and a crisp, malt base.

Tasting Notes: Moderate bitterness with a juicy citrussy finish.

Choc-orange Oat Stout 5.1

If you love your sweet beers and your chocolate & orange flavour combinations, then you'll love Brew 37. It's a deliciously rich and smooth pint, with loads of cocoa at the base with a touch of sharp citrus to finish.

Tasting Notes: Rich chocolate flavours with citrus throughout.

Ember Inns Pale Ale 4.0

Ember Inns very own pale ale. Well balanced, quaffable with a crisp bitter finish.

Tasting Notes: 

Glug M' Glug 6.2

Dark IPA named after a mythical beast from the pioneer's pastime.

Tasting Notes: Full dark roast malty flavours mixed with sharp fruity hop, with a full bitter finish. Intense mix of roast chocolaty characters mixed with fruity hop characters supplied by Cascade hops.

Golden Sheep 3.9

Golden Sheep is a gloriously refreshing, beautifully balanced, golden cask ale, perfect thirst quencher!

Tasting Notes: Golden Sheep is a beautifully balanced golden ale that develops with zesty, grapefruit flavours and finishes with a clean and wickedly moreish finish.

Holy Grail Monty Python 4.0

This brilliant and bold addition was created to commemorate the 30th anniversary of one of our finest comedic exports - the Monty Python crew!

Tasting Notes: Clean zesty flavour and long crisp bitter finish.

Hoptacular 3.6

Hoptacular is a light golden pale ale, very easy drinking with its big flavour there's a refreshing hop explosion from the Polaris, Magnum, Columbus, and Galena hops used.

Tasting Notes: A full flavoured, crisp, bitter IPA which packs a punch well above it's weight.

Imperial Russian 8.5

A contemporary classic from our range.

Tasting Notes: Deliciously dark, strong and powerful.

Monty Python's Flying Circus 4.5

This amber-red IPA has a full-bodied flavour, with crisp, peachy and spicy notes throughout, leading to a long, refreshing finish.

Tasting Notes: the hops of First Gold, Galena and Amarillo offer peachy, citrus characters

Moose Jaw 5.2

Crystal Weiss beer with a dry refreshing character, deceptively drinkable.

Tasting Notes: A complex mixture of citrus fruits combined with a biscuity, bready depth supplied by the wheat. Orange fruits with a malty rich background.

My Generation 4.2

My Generation beer – Session Pale Ale – A full on rock and roll session pale ale, it’s a light straw colour, made with four whole flower hops: Polaris, Galena, Cascade & Magnum and the best British Maris Otter malted barley.

Tasting Notes: Hoppy aroma tune underpinned by a crisp bitter base-line.

Pale Ale 4.0

The latest addition to the flock. Black Sheep Pale Ale is a fresh, punchy and aromatic pint inspired by the modern beer movement whilst also staying true to our British and Yorkshire brewing heritage.

Tasting Notes: Pouring crystal clear and light straw colour, Black Sheep Pale Ale is a vibrantly fresh and punchy new world pale ale with a clean white head. Aromas of freshly peeled citrus fruits rise above a delicate touch of mango. On the palate, bursts of juicy citrus dance with the pale malt to offer a beautifully clean sweetness before the fragrant hops leave a long and lasting bitter finish. We use fresh Yorkshire Dales water from our bore hole and use our Yorkshire Square fermenting vessels to give the beer a distinct, Black Sheep finish. It’s a true celebration and showcase of the modern pale ale style whilst also staying true to our British and Yorkshire brewing heritage.

Pathmaker 4.0

Single hop pale ale brewed with Chinook Hops inspired by Black Sheep's founder Paul Theakston and all he has been through as a brewing maverick.

Tasting Notes: Juicy hop and malty mouth feel with a crisp and moreish finish.

Progress 0.0
Ram Tackle 4.1

This 4.1% Ruby Ale is packed with 8 different English hops, giving beautifully rich, fruity characters throughout. A complex malt base adds a defiant and charismatic layer to this robust ale!

Tasting Notes: Rich with roast and caramel touches throughout. Slightly bitter with a subtle, fruity kick. Sweet, malty notes arise over a hint of dark fruit.

Resurrection 4.2

Resurrection is brewed with a great combination of Galena, Summit, and Citra hops giving intense tropical aromas. Its light straw coloured with a clean yet complex palate and a crisp finish.

Tasting Notes: A clean yet complex palate with a crisp finish. Tropical fruit aroma.

Riggwelter 5.9

Riggwelter, a real powerhouse of a beer. Much thought went into the creation of this ‘strong’ ale. To create something with real strength and depth a unique recipe is used featuring rich espresso aromas, dark fruit and roasted malt flavours.

Tasting Notes: This strong, velvety, ruby beer really is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. It is deceptively clean drinking, with a wonderfully complex palate of coffee, bananas and liquorice which rewards you with a long refreshing Goldings hop finish.

Ruby 4.0

Small Batch Ruby is an awesome beer to see out the winter. A complex malt base makes up the back bone, giving it a beautiful, deep ruby colour and a sweet, biscuit-like flavour.

Tasting Notes: Biscuity base followed by a fresh, bitterness coming through from the American hops. Citrus & juicy hops.

Rye Mild 4.1

At 4.1% ABV, Rye Mild is an all day, dark session ale brewed with a balance of darker malts and roasted rye for a slightly spicy flavour, together with Challenger, Golding and Chinook hops that offers a light, fruity aroma.

Tasting Notes: Taste: Slightly spiced and sweet Smell: Light and fruity with Chinook hops leading the way

Shearer 4.1

It's a full bodied, zesty, sharp, straw coloured ale brewed with loads of Citra hops and a hint of lemongrass. This packs the beer with a lot of kick, offering citrus flavours throughout alongside a mellow bitterness and a vibrant aroma.

Tasting Notes: Moderately bitter with a sharp, zesty bang. Fresh lemongrass and vibrant, hoppy citrus.

Special Ale 4.4

A robust and agile amber ale, first introduced to our range in 1994, Special Ale carries an explosion of fruit on the aroma and palate with the fruity esters offering notes of raisins and pear drops. The malt blend provides notes of toffee, caramel and biscuit which balances perfectly against those flavoursome British hops. Superbly bittersweet and an icon of our range, Special Ale holds a special place in our heart

Tasting Notes: Dark fruits hit the palate whilst the malt offers those sweet toffee and biscuit flavours.

Velo 4.2

Velo is a refreshing citrusy pale ale with a delicate hint of orange and coriander.

Tasting Notes: A refreshing citrusy pale ale with an intense fruit character and a hint of orange and coriander. A complex fruit and malt aroma.

Yorkshire Square 5.0

Yorkshire Square Ale is a premium ale with a rich and full flavour and a solid alcohol kick.

Tasting Notes: At 5% ABV Yorkshire Square Ale may have a kick, but it’s certainly not heavy. It’s a warming beer with hints of grapefruit and Demerara sugar, balanced against a rich malty background and followed by Black Sheep’s characteristic dry and refreshing finish.

Yorkshire Square Ale 4.1

Originally brewed in 1999, Yorkshire Square Ale is made with Maris Otter malt, Demerara sugar and a blend of Golding hops. The lower alcohol content means it’s not only a premium pint, but also a great tasting, full flavoured, session ale!

Tasting Notes: Demerara sugar and WVG hops gives a clean, malty sweetness with a hint of fruit and a long bitter finish. A characteristic and refreshing ale.

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