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Harvey's Brewery

A brewery with Sky TV in Lewes.

For those seeking the finest quality beers, Harvey’s is the original Sussex brewer. We have been brewing beers from freshly sourced local ingredients (water, yeast, hops, barley) for eight generations, to deliver a signature taste.

Harvey’s builds on two centuries of expertise to brew fresh and premium beers for today’s generation. Look out for our new look showcasing our range of consistently delicious real ales.

The Bridge Wharf Brewery, 6 Cliffe High Street, Lewes, East Sussex, BN7 2AH
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01273 480209



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Mon - Fri: 09:00 - 17:00
Sat - Sun: Closed

Drink %
Armada Ale 4.5

Armada Ale was one of the first new ‘Golden Ales’ that emerged in the 1980s. It has a pronounced yet balanced hop character, derived from Fuggle and Golding hops. Robust, refreshing and still a port of call in any beer-drinker’s voyage of discovery.

Tasting Notes: Dry-hopped. A golden ale with a vibrant hop tone and a dry finish.

Bloomsbury Brown Ale 3.0

Bloomsbury Brown was brewed to commemorate the company’s long association with Charleston, where the ‘Bloomsbury Group’ used as a meeting place during the first half of the twentieth century. Formally known at Nut Brown Ale.

Tasting Notes: A traditional Brown Ale. Sweet and dark with a nutty palate and discreet bitterness. A refreshing drink which may be served with a wide variety of foods or enjoyed in its own right.

Bonfire Boy 5.8

Brewed seasonally for the November 5th celebrations that the bonfire boys and belles of Lewes are renowned for. A small quantity of black malt is used to impart the suggestion of smoke.

Tasting Notes: A dark amber beer with a full malty palate and a, slightly burnt, bitter aftertaste. A strong ale with a superbly smoky flavour.

Bulls Head Bitter 4.5

Local preference was for a ‘robust bitter’ so a 4.5% abv beer, brewed using pale ale and roasted malts with Fuggle hops, was created.

Tasting Notes: 

Christmas Ale 7.5

A traditional barley wine. The biscuit malt and vinous fruit palate is balanced by a strong hop bitterness. It is warming and reflects the spirit of Christmas.

Tasting Notes: A Strong Dark Barley Wine. Full of Festive Spirit.

Copperwheat Beer 4.8

Brewed with malted wheat and barley, this ‘Kristal Weissbier’ contains only English aroma hops. The gentle texture of the wheat subdues the soft hop bitterness and imparts a suggestion of cloves.

Tasting Notes: Clear wheat beer with a light hop bitterness.

Elizabethan Ale 7.5

Elizabethan Ale was originally produced in celebration of the Coronation of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. This strong barley wine is reminiscent of the “October Ales” which were brewed in domestic brewhouses during the sixteenth century.

Tasting Notes: A full, malty palate with a lingering bitterness and warming spirit content.

Georgian Dragon Ale 4.7

This intensely hoppy, ruby ale was first brewed in April 2010 for St.Georges Day. However, the label actually commemorates a lesser known hero, Dr Gideon Mantell, the original Father of Paleontology.

Tasting Notes: 

Hadlow Bitter 3.5

The Kent village of Hadlow, in the fertile Medway valley, is in one of England''s last hop growing areas and has a great brewing tradition. Harveys acquired a pub in Hadlow and to celebrate this event we brewed an ale using only these local hops.

Tasting Notes: This hoppy pale ale is a recent evolution from the successful bitters of the last century and is an ideal lunchtime pint.

Harveys Porter 4.8

Harveys Porter is brewed from our own recipe dating from 1859. In 1999 it was chosen as the ‘Ultimate Pizza Beer’ in the Beauty of Hops awards.

Tasting Notes: 

Harveys Porter 4.8

Harveys Porter is brewed from our own recipe dating from 1859. In 1999 it was chosen as the ‘Ultimate Pizza Beer’ in the Beauty of Hops awards.

Tasting Notes: 

Imperial Russian Stout 2000 9.0

This brew will improve and develop complexity up to one year and has an intense flavour which is complex and distinctive.

Tasting Notes: The roast, alcoholic and spicy notes combine in this unusually sweet & sour beer.

India Pale Ale 3.5

With a delicate grassy and earthy hop aroma, the refreshing bitterness of this beer is balanced by the subtle malt flavours which make for an extremely drinkable pint that has a dry finish and lasting after taste.

Tasting Notes: 

Kiss 4.8

Brewed to celebrate the return to Lewes of Rodin’s world famous sculpture The Kiss in 1999. The brew also marks St. Valentine’s Day. A light coloured honeyed brew from a special mash including malted oats.

Tasting Notes: 

Knots of May 3.0

This ruby coloured light mild imparts a delicate hop fragrance on the nose. Originally brewed in 1995 to celebrate the 21st anniversary of this local women’s team of Morris Dancers. Part of CAMRA’s ‘Mild in May’ initiative.

Tasting Notes: 

Lewes Castle Brown Ale 4.8

Best Standard Dark Ale in the 2008 World Beer Awards.

Tasting Notes: A traditional full malty ‘Brown Ale’ with a creamy head. Mild hop notes with a lingering biscuity sweet palate give coffee and liquorice notes. A bitter sweet finish.

Olympia 4.2

It was first produced in 2005 to celebrate our major summer award at Kensington Olympia for Best Bitter.

Tasting Notes: A cool golden summer ale. Very refreshing with a balanced complexity. It became an instant hit and is especially appreciated when served at 11 degrees Celsius.

Prince of Denmark 7.5

A strong, dark beer of great complexity and depth. Previous Winner of International Beer Challenge Best Stout/Porter Trophy 2009, Gold Medal 2009, 2010, 2012.

Tasting Notes: 

Southdown Harvest 5.5

This is an all-malt single hop brew, using freshly harvested Sussex fuggles together with our own spring water to give a ‘taste of the South Downs.

Tasting Notes: 

Star of Eastbourne 5.5

This premium bitter reminiscent of our successful Tom Paine ale was first brewed to mark the Eastbourne Beer Festival in October 2004.

Tasting Notes: 

Sussex Best Bitter 4.0

Our most famous and popular brand - it makes up over 90% of our total brewing capacity. Winner of the Champion Best Bitter of Britain title at CAMRA's Great British Beers Festival in 2005 and 2006. First brewed as recently as 1955.

Tasting Notes: A superbly balanced session bitter with a prominent hop character.

Sussex Best Bitter 4

Sussex Best is our most famous beer, a superbly balanced bitter with prominent hop character. The brew evolved over decades, satisfying the expectations of the people of Sussex and its adjoining counties.

Tasting Notes: Finest Maris Otter malted barley is supplemented with a dash of Crystal malt for balance. Our hops are a blend of four different local varieties, to give a distinctive hoppy finish.

Sussex Dark Mild 3.0

A dark malty mild. Ideal sustenance when there is physical work to be done. Harveys awards for milds date back over half a century and this style of beer enjoys a long heritage at the brewery.

Tasting Notes: 

Sussex Mild 3.0

Harveys awards for milds date back over half a century and this style of beer enjoys a long heritage at the brewery.

Tasting Notes: A dark malty mild. Ideal sustenance when there is physical work to be done.

Sussex Old Ale 4.3

A Victorian style dark winter brew produced from higher proportions of crystal malt.

Tasting Notes: Extremely popular and eagerly anticipated in October when it returns from summer recess. It was Harveys first beer to win a National Award in 1952 and has won many other accolades since.

Sweet Sussex 2.8

A lush, sweet stout named after the county in which it is brewed. Low in alcohol, Sweet Sussex was a prize winning beer at the International Brewers Exhibition in 1968 and was awarded the Silver Medal at the Brewing Industry International Awards in 1990.

Tasting Notes: 

Tom Paine Ale 5.5

Tom Paine is a premium dry hopped bitter named after the celebrated radical who lived in Lewes in the late eighteenth century.

Tasting Notes: 

Wild Hop 3.7

Brewed with the aptly named ‘Sussex Hop’ – originally discovered growing wild in a hedgerow in Sussex, but now cultivated as a variety in its own right. It is supplemented with Cascade hops grown in the UK.

Tasting Notes: 

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